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ServSafe International™ Food Safety Exams and Certificates

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How to Obtain or Renew a ServSafe International™ Certificate

How do I Obtain a ServSafe International™ Food Safety Certificate?

How long is my ServSafe International™ Certificate valid?

How do I re-test if I did not pass the Exam?

How do I renew my ServSafe International™ Food Safety Certificate?

ServSafe International™ Food Safety Course and Exam Administration

Which materials will I need to teach a ServSafe International™ course?

How do I order ServSafe® Essentials, Exam Answer Sheets and/or Exam Access Codes?

How do I order/print Exam Booklets?

What is the format of the Exam questions

What do I do if I think something is wrong with the Exam results I received?

How do I receive permission to read the ServSafe International™ Food Safety Exam aloud to an examinee with a documented disability?

How do I obtain a refund if I do not accept the Test Use Agreement?

ServSafe International™ Food Safety Exam Results and Appeals

When and how do I receive my Exam results?

What is a passing score?

Who do I contact if I have a question about my Exam results?

What is the National Restaurant Association (NRA) Appeals Policy and procedure?

Certificates, Revocations and Appeals

How do I Print/Reprint my Certificate?

How do I request a correction or change of information on my Certificate?

What is the Revocation Policy and Procedure?

National Restaurant Association (NRA) Non-Discrimination Statement/Policy

What is National Restaurant Association’s Non-Discrimination Policy?


How do I become a SSI purchaser?

How do I purchase materials online?

How do I recieve a confirmation that my order has been placed?

How do I check the status of my order?

How do I return products?

Who do I contact if there is an issue with my order?

Course Management

How do I purchase an online course?

Why don't I recieve an email confirmation of my purchase?

How do I access the online courses I have purchase?

How do I assign courses to students?

What can I do if I need to reassign a course to a student?

How long are unassigned courses available?

How long are the courses available once a student begins the training?

How do I track courses I have purchased and assigned?

How do I find courses I have purchased but not assigned?

How do I track my student’s progress

How do I create a course report?

How do I view my students’ course post-test scores or exam scores?


How do I change my contact information or address on the website?


Can I purchase a course for myself?

How do I receive an online course from my program administrator or manager?

What are the technical requirements required to play the course?

Who do I contact if I experiencing a problem while using the course?

When will my course expire?

How do I take a proctored exam?

Does a proctor need to be present for all exams?

How do I obtain my certificate?

How do I print/reprint my certificate?

My course code does not work, what do I do?


In what languages are the ServSafe International Exam available?

Are all SSI Exams proctored?

The program/system froze during an exam what do I do?

Will my student’s progress be saved ?

How do I obtain a new exam and will I have to pay for it?

How do I place a fax or mail order?

How much are shipping and handling charges for my order?

How do I find a proctor to administer a proctored exam?